25 lipca 2002

of flora and fauna

Here I am at Yuki’s, because I was bored and she invited me over to watch her clean. You might think that Seattle to Issaquah is a long way to drive just to sit around and watch someone clean - and you would be correct. Luckily for me, Yuki isn’t cleaning. She’s making up a song on the guitar about how Grunk’s goatee is brainwashing her to kill people. It’s just as fascinating as it sounds.

Here are the lyrics to her current song:

“Ernie is a party girl
Ernie likes to bowl
Ernie likes to say….
I’ll swallow your soul.”

Plus, I stole more pictures.

“Woke up this morning to find a tongue in my ear
Now I can’t close my eyes out of fear
Why’d you have to come here
to stick your tongue in my ear?”

This kid never gives up.

“I want to give you a uvula massage
and to your virginity we say ‘Bon Voyage!’”

So, the other night we went and ate steak at Jak’s. There were flowers on the table, and we were feeling frisky.

“What’s that scarf on your neck?
What the heck?
Everyone thinks it makes you look gay.
That and the raping of animals in the night
Everyone thinks it’s such a scary sight.”

(This one was about my rat Raoul getting it on with her teddy bear.)

Ernie and Flower - Me and Flower - Grunk and Flower

“I want to love you so hard
that your liver explodes
I want to take you back home
and strap on the electrodes.”

This was the first real “IMSAMob” occasion, so we took a picture of that. Then, this random guy (we think his name was Steve?) decided that he wanted to be in the picture too. Note the “Who the hell are you?” look on my face.

“I am your G-Man
I want to play with your G-spot
I’m gonna pull down your G-string
I wanna see what you’ve G-got!”

Then, I took this picture, just because I thought it was funny. It’s Franvas and Mike Lee eating sushi and looking pissed. It kind of looks like Mike’s got thorns growing from his head a la Jesus.

“Misery loves company
and apathy loves entropy
I’m a mariachi and
Oh, crap. Here, Brian. YOU try this.”

Posted by freesia at 19:59

Sounds like Yuki is rather good at improv.
And actually, it looks like Franvas is eating banchan.

Your Insatiable One @ 08:55 AM | 2002/07/26

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